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Measure your performance and make it count

In this modern era of business and technology, many people and companies depend on various metrics to measure performance in the working environment..

Performance in sales is something that can be easily measured and tracked.. Whether you do it yourself, for yourself or it is done by the company or your manager, this is something that HAS TO BE DONE..

Should I trust my instinct or not..??

Instinct┬ácomes in many forms – basic, fatal, guttural (?), natural, primal, animal, motherly, leadership.. Some classify fear, anxiety, guilt, anger, depression are all instincts.. But in my opinion, they are

I want to be heard..!!!!! I want to be heard..!!!!!

All of us have an innate feeling of WANTING to be heard, a feeling that we NEED to be heard, a feeling that we SHOULD be heard..

But why do we have this need..??

How to recognize yourself

The term recognize is a verb meaning to identify something from the past or acknowledging the existence of something or someone..

While it is good to recognize someone’s existence and contributions to you, the society and the world in general, a lot of the times we miss recognizing ourselves for who we are..

What should we do to recognize ourselves..??

The future is artificial

The future is Artificial.. You don’t agree..?? Wait, am not talking about the emotion “artificial”.. Am talking about the good “artificial”.. Especially in the medical term..

You are waiting for what..??

Waiting, it can be good or not so good depending on the situation that life puts you in.. We have all waited for something sometime or the other in our life.. We have all done it willingly or unwittingly..

Urgent Urgent Urgent

Is the word URGENT being over used in our communications..?? Is it because we don’t know the actual meaning of the word or where and when to use it, or is it that we think that if we use this word, people will take it more seriously..??

Trust in me

Trust, one of THE most important words in my vocabulary, one of the words that means everything in what I say, what I do and how I live my life..

The ubiquitous Candle

Merriam-Webster defines Ubiquitous as “existing or being everywhere at the same time : constantly encountered : widespread “.. If you are wondering why I would use this word in relating

Value – untaught lessons from my parents

Age has some advantages and one such advantage is that it brings wisdom alongwith it (albeit not to everyone).. I would like to think that I am one of the