I want to be heard..!!!!!

I WANT TO BE HEARD.. (no I didn’t type in CAPS because I mistakenly left the caps lock on)..

I typed it in CAPS deliberately, because I WANT TO BE HEARD..!!

I don’t think I am alone in this.. All of us have an innate feeling of WANTING to be heard, a feeling that we NEED to be heard, a feeling that we SHOULD be heard..

This feeling crops up quite often in all human beings and manifests itself mostly in gatherings or meetings, whether it is social or business, at a formal or informal gathering.. This need to be heard can come out of our mouths (with the more outspoken of the homo sapiens) or could be fuming within us (with the more introvert of the species).. But the need to be heard is there, lurking, waiting, wanting..

Why do we have this need..?? I am by no means a psychologist, and also not venturing to give you a psychological explanation of this need..

But from my experience in this world, I feel that this need to be heard is more prevalent among those that don’t have the ability to be heard naturally..

People those had the ability to be heard naturally have gone on to become world leaders or influencers (good or bad) such as Martin Luther King, Aung San Suu Kyi, John F Kennedy, Margaret Thatcher, Nelson Mandela, Indira Gandhi, Adolf Hitler, Osho, Winston Churchill, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and recently Barack Obama..

In my opinion, these people’s need to be heard could have been more from the general public than from within themselves.. The public wanted to hear them more than these people wanted to be heard.. They did not have to force to be heard.. When they spoke, the world listened and the world heard them..

Well not all of us are that fortunate enough to be heard and we have to raise our voices to be heard.. But to be heard, you don’t only need to depend on your voice..

People make themselves heard throughout the world through many mediums, some of which has been made infinitely easier by the advances in technology in recent years..

  • Art – paintings (Michaelangelo, Da Vinci, Raphael, Botticelli), sculpture (Michaelangelo, Da Vinci), graffiti, sketches, doodles, Lego (Nathan Sawaya) ..
  • Sport – especially the physically challenged variety whose actions are being seen and heard all over the world more than ever before.. Natalie Du Toit, Oscar Pistorius, Chantal Petitclerc and many like them..
  • Protests – The Arab Spring (with the support of Twitter), the recent Women’s March in Washington, or the 1956 Women’s March in Pretoriathe Gulabi Gang in India.. Some movements have the ability to make their protests heard without any violence such as The Satyagraha Movement by Mahatma Gandhi..
  • Voluntary actions – The massive garnering of support for flood victims in Chennai in 2015 where Twitter came in extremely handy..
  • Writing – William Shakespeare whose writings are literally being heard even today from the 16th century, Lao Tzu from 604 BC..

So if you have the need to be heard, if you want to be heard then choose a medium in which you are good at, you are creative at and use that medium (legally) to be heard in the society..

My chosen medium is my blog.. I use this personal blog of mine and my multi-award winning educational blog on shipping and freight to fulfill my need to be heard..

What is your medium..??


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  1. bad301 says:

    It also means a lot to be heard so you know that you have not been ignored I feel. -Bruce

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