Value – untaught lessons from my parents

Age has some advantages and one such advantage is that it brings wisdom alongwith it (albeit not to everyone).. I would like to think that I am one of the lucky few..

Growing up in a low to middle class family in Chennai, India (when India wasn’t an economic powerhouse as it is now) living with my dad, mom and 3 sisters,  I was exposed to several things that goes on in a middle class household.. But I didn’t realise, understand, grasp or learn about the value of these things much much later in my older years..

Looking back at the many untaught lessons from my parents, I realised that there is one important thing that I have learned and that is Value..

Whether it related to the value of education placed on all of us siblings (one of them is a post grad and the other a doctor) or how much water and electricity was used (very expensive commodities in a middle class family’s budget) in the house or in ensuring that there was no wastage whatsoever of food, there was so many things which had a value statement attached to it..

The fact that I sometimes did not follow those values is a clear testament of my immaturity which was often a sore point between me and my dad..

As my life progressed I have come to realise the importance of finding value in everything, something my parents have been trying to teach me all along.. But strangely enough I also realised that although I may have seemed nonchalant to those teachings, I have actually been following this without me actually trying..

  • Being compassionate
  • Being punctual anywhere you go
  • Valuing other people’s time and property
  • Using your time effectively
  • Keeping your mind busy
  • Forgiveness
  • Not being judgemental

These are some of the things that I have been strictly following in my own life of my own volition and something that I found has helped in moulding me into the person that I have become..

Being able to identify these untaught lessons from my parents is part of the wisdom that I have gained over the years and boy am I glad for that..

My blog’s value statement also reflects some of these untaught lessons..


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