You are waiting for what..??

Waiting, it can be good or not so good depending on the situation that life puts you in.. We have all waited for something sometime or the other in our life.. We have all done it willingly or unwittingly..

  • If you are a sniper (the good kind) then its probably something that you HAVE to do..
  • If you were a lioness on a hunt then it is something that you DEFINITELY have to do (can also be an analogy in business)..
  • If you have stuff in the oven (like I have right now) or sitting in that long line at the doctor’s, then it is something you have NO CHOICE over..

Waiting comes in many forms – delaying, postponing, passing time, putting off etc etc and of these forms of waiting can impact on your life whether it relates to work, romance, relationships, stocks, shares etc etc..

Any of these forms of waiting can cause you to

  1. Lose an opportunity because you took too long to action it
  2. Delay your responses because you kept postponing it which in turn can tarnish your reputation at work
  3. Lose your ability to organise and prioritise your activities
  4. Compromise your health because you waited too long to consult your doctor

But not all of the waiting is wilful.. Some people may wait to do things because they are just not confident about themselves or their capabilities..

Self-esteem or a lack thereof plays a big role in people delaying or waiting to carry out activities.. This lack of self-esteem may be brought on by bullying at the workplace or school which can cause a person to wait or delay in doing things for fear of being castigated or looked down upon..

One could also look on the positive side and take a cue from the very wise Captain Jack Sparrow who said “if you were waiting for the opportune moment, that was it“..

Opportune moment









It is upto you whether you want to wait or not..

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