dialogue conversationI am welcoming 2018 with this post aptly titled CONVERSATION.. 🙂

It is something that we all need to have more often.. It is free, it is easy (at least for some) and it is one of the most powerful mediums of communication..

You can and need to have a conversation on a regular basis.. Whether it is at work, home or on the road, the type of conversation we have and the tone in which we have that conversation can make a positive impact in our life and also that of the other person(s) in the conversation..

An effective conversation can change minds, whether it is our own or the other person’s.. A conversation can open minds, clear misconceptions, clarify things, set priorities and overall improve relationships..

But when you are having a conversation, it is important to know the direction, tone, purpose and type of conversation.. If you are wondering if there are more than one type of conversation, then answer is yes..

debate conversationIf the purpose of the conversation is for you to argue with someone on a specific point or to convince them of your view point, that conversation could be a DEBATE..

A debate can occur at home or work on an informal level or on stage on a more formal level such as college or presidential debates.. There are even debate societies wherein people debate on various topics and even win awards.. It’s basically a competitive conversation..

discourse conversationIf the purpose of the conversation is for you to deliver information to a group of people, say for example at a conference or a gathering, this conversation could be termed a DISCOURSE, SPEECH or a MONOLOGUE..

This type of conversation is generally formal and on stage and the listeners may have some opportunity to interact with the speaker..

diatribe conversationWhen a discourse or speech restricts audience participation or the purpose of the conversation is competitive wherein the speaker expresses their emotion in a manner that intimidates those that disagree with them, then that type of conversation can be termed as a DIATRIBE..

Last but not least, a conversation that is cooperative, humane and aimed at relationship building or creating a better understanding between two sets of people, such conversation may be termed as a DIALOGUE..

I am sure that as you read this, you are casting your mind back to the various conversations you have had with various people, trying to figure of which conversation fits where.. 🙂

Conversations can occur anywhere and anytime but the type of conversation or the direction in which a conversation goes will depend on its ultimate purpose and/or circumstances..

One of the most common examples of this is when two people start having a “dialogue” about something and based on the emotions poured into that conversation, it could either become a “debate” , “diatribe” or “discourse”..

I remember very vividly the barber shop in Chennai, India that I frequented which carried a sign board inside the shop which pretty much said “Please don’t discuss Politics or Religion here”..

A very powerful board precisely echoing what I mentioned above..  A normal dialogue can turn into a discourse or debate which are still OK, but it could just as easily turn into a diatribe which may not be appreciated by the barber who has a jack-strop at your neck.. 🙂

How often do you wonder what type of conversation you may end up having with someone before you start a conversation..??

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  1. usha says:

    types of conversation explained in a very good way.. actually your descriptions of diatribe debate and discourse is excellent …keep it up..

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