Measure your performance and make it count

In this modern era of business and technology, many people and companies depend on various metrics to measure performance in the working environment..

Performance in sales is something that can be easily measured and tracked.. Whether you do it yourself, for yourself or it is done by the company or your manager, this is something that HAS TO BE DONE..

There are several people within an organisation including within the sales department who put their heads down and put in the effort on a daily basis but rarely lifting up their heads to see where they are going, how far they have come and what they have done so far..

Measure your performanceIt is very important to measure your performance and one does not need to employ complicated mechanisms and systems to do this..

Here are 7 tips you can follow to measure your performance and make it count..

1) First and foremost understand and identify if there is a target against which you need to measure yourself or your manager will be measuring you against..

A sales department which is the main department that generates revenue in an organisation will have a revenue based target.. Where there is a revenue based target it could usually be divided among the sales personnel in the sales department..

2) Once you know that there is a quantifiable target, it is important for you to set your own process in place to be able to achieve those targets..

This process could involve several sales plans, customer visits, meetings, discussions, deliberations, sales reports etc..

3) In following these processes to achieve these targets, it may be natural for the sales people to get stressed and in some cases lose their direction and end up getting stuck in a rut..

4) This need not be the case.. If you are in a situation wherein things look bleak and you are at your wits end trying to figure out a way of how to achieve those targets, do this..


5) Review what you KNOW and DON’T KNOW about

  • the market that you are in
  • your products and their standing in the market
  • your target clientele/audience
  • your competition

6) Review what you have been doing

  • Have all your info, especially your client info in one place preferably in an electronic medium – like your inhouse computer system or an excel file rather than in several entries in your client visit diary.. Personally I used to prefer Excel due to its versatility and analytical capabilities..
  • Are you contacting the right customers that can give you the business..
  • Are you contacting those customers at the right frequency

7) Once you have done this review, it will become easier for you to identify what you may not have done right and allows you the opportunity to rectify the process in order to achieve the target..

So don’t just bury your head in your work and WORK HARD – measure your performance regularly, WORK SMART and make it count..

How do you measure your performance..?? Share your tips..




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