Measure your performance and make it count

Life, Mentoring, Youth Development
In this modern era of business and technology, many people and companies depend on various metrics to measure performance in the working environment.. Performance in sales is something that can be easily measured and tracked.. Whether you do it yourself, for yourself or it is done by the company or your manager, this is something that HAS TO BE DONE.. There are several people within an organisation including within the sales department who put their heads down and put in the effort on a daily basis but rarely lifting up their heads to see where they are going, how far they have come and what they have done so far.. It is very important to measure your performance and one does not need to employ complicated mechanisms and systems to…
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Leadership of South Africa should realize and wake up..

Politics, Youth Development
Recently, South Africa has been caught in a whirlwind of scandals and protests.. Among these, the one that is currently making headlines is the #feesmustfall campaign by the university students across the country.. I sincerely think that free education for all is possible, but it requires A LOT OF POLITICAL WILL.. KPMG in its research of this #feesmustfall campaign has found that free tertiary education is possible and as per below infographic, 13 countries around the world have already implemented it and it seems to be working for them.. But in South Africa, instead of the political will to achieve this, what we have is alleged gross mismanagement, misappropriation and erosion of funds, due to lack of control on government spending inspite of the many cost cutting measures Finance Minister…
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Youth Development and Mentoring

Mentoring, Youth Development
These two topics have come close to my heart after I interacted with Empowervate and forgood as part of their empowerment and volunteer programs and after seeing the potential in the townships.. I assisted in creating a funding plan for Minerva High School in Alexandra, Johannesburg for them to create their Media Centre.. Hopefully I will be able to contribute more of my time and knowledge to such worthy causes.. You can also do so by visiting the Empowervate and forgood websites..
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