Sending an Email

Yesterday, in a single day I sent and received close to 250+ emails on one of my email accounts.. This may be the average for many people or maybe more or less..

Quite an easy task to send an email

  1. Connect to the internet (click of a button)
  2. Open your email client (Outlook)
  3. Type the mail
  4. Press Send
  5. Repeat 250 times 🙂

Well if only it was that easy in those days when email started..

Trond Vidar Bjorøy – Blockchain & Crypto in Travel | CTO | Consultant | TravelTech | Contributor to VentureBeat & The Next Web shared a very enlightening video of how it was to send an email in 1984..

He shared the video with below write up which relates to how we view #crypto now but thought it was a good analogy to share.. Enjoy..

Sending an email in 1984

  • It’s really very simple, he said.

Sending an email back then actually took some dedication and computer skills, dealing with rotary dial, cables, plugs and a huge phone modem.

In terms of user experience, crypto is now in 1984. I feel like these guys every time I’m trying to securely store and send funds somewhere.

Having to familiarize yourself with concepts like public and private keys, hot and cold wallets, isn’t for everyone. Not to mention the stress level of being your own bank combined with irreversible actions.

Striking the right balance between UX, security, and performance is the hardest thing but it’s what’s needed for this industry to advance and for the tech to gain adoption.

  • Why did you buy a computer? The reporter asks in the film.

We’re still in the “why would anyone need a personal computer?” phase of crypto. As we all know that was followed by one computer per household, then suddenly everyone had one, followed by one on their desk, one on their lap, in their pocket, and on their wrist.

Just like computers and email, hashtag#crypto assets will eventually be everywhere and become a part of everyone’s lives.

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