How to recognize yourself

The term recognize is a verb which means “to identify something from the past” or “acknowledging the existence of something or someone”..

While it is good to recognize someone’s existence and contributions to you, the society and the world in general, a lot of the times we miss recognizing ourselves for who we are..

As human beings, we are inclined to downplay our own skills and capabilities and tend to accept the comments and criticisms liberally doled out by others about our so called characteristics and capabilities..

Such acceptance can cause severe damage to our own psyche and render us worthless in our own eyes and may even prove the others right.. Being or feeling worthless in our own eyes is the most devastating feeling a person can have..

How to recognize yourselfSo what do we need to to recognize ourselves..??

My personal motto has always been “Believe in Yourself” and I think that one needs to have this self-belief on the road to self-recognition..

We need to be ourself, believe in ourself and understand what we are capable of doing.. This “doing” need not be restricted to the realm of work or study as your world should not only revolve around work and study..

There is a realm other than work and study and it relates to discovering and recognizing ourself as an individual..

Self-discovery is a very important part in our quest to recognize ourself.. A lot of people struggle with self-discovery because they are not able to exactly understand or articulate to themselves who they really are..

For example they are not able to classify themselves in a category such as humorous, generous, kind, sly, silly and various other characteristics that they may have..

In such cases of doubt or uncertainty of who you really are, it is good to ask for an honest opinion about you to your close friends and family.. But be careful who you ask..

Look for the genuine people within your circle to ask this question.. Not the ones that will put you down as worthless or the ones that may patronise you because you are their sibling or son or boss or close friend etc..

You will be surprised to hear what other people think of you and it may be totally opposite or different to what you may have thought of yourself..

Once you have had this glimpse of self-discovery it is easy to recognize who you really are and what you are capable of doing..

Once this recognition comes to you, you can achieve whatever it is that you wish to achieve as this recognition automatically brings with it the confidence required for you to succeed..

Self-discovery invariably requires a person to “Seek-Learn-Know-Grow” (which incidentally is the motto for my educational blog about Shipping and Freight) in order to achieve self-recognition..

Personally, I have been able to recognize myself and my capabilities using the mottos above..

Do you have a secret or any specific path you follow to recognize yourself..??

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