My tribute to Native American Indians

I CAME on A STEEDnatamimage winter country
winter rideI of ANCIENT CREED
me of such DIVINE grace

my ART was so NEAT
have you seen my DANCE beat..??
AT my TIMES of feast

I used to RIDE the CREST
oblivious to the REST
until came along MEN of A RACE
to try and break my pace

they came from the SIDE
their remarks Oh so SNIDE
our RIDERS they did SMITE
although we tried with our might

IN bravery they DID not RISE
neither did they fight wise
guns they used as a surprise
to stop the uprise

with each time a good guise
we did hit them hard twice
against us they did use VICE
in the form of liquid from malt and RICE

our faces with paint they made us SMEAR
to make their ends come NEAR
round the fire they made us DANCE
change they will not their STANCE

they did commit a CRIME
took our lands without A DIME
cut down they did our TREE
under which we lived FREE

I saw our CADRE DIE
Oh white brother why do you VIE
look at what you have made
you surely deserve the name of SADE

you call me a savage
but my land you did ravage
DID you look INNER..??
I AM not the SINNER..

our MEDICINE we could not SEND
our DREAMS they did END
there ain’t no more empty plains
where I rode my STEED holding no REINS

now you take my REMAINS
and sell them via mails
your mind is full of MIRE
there is nothing in you to ADMIRE

PSwords in CAPS are derived from the title NATIVE AMERICAN INDIANS

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