Test – a word that has many connotations and could be a noun or a verb.. But for me, there is one thing that will always stand out most when I hear the word TEST..

It started on bus trip with some people from Germany who were visiting our company in South Africa.. This was a business delegation who were visiting a game reserve on their week-end break..

On the trip we discussed many things and eventually the topic turned to sports and Cricket.. As you may have realised, Cricket as a sport was practiced and played in all Commonwealth nations (all former British colonies)..

Since my guests were from Germany, none of them had any idea whatsoever about cricket and how it is played and the rules of the game..

One of my German colleagues was quite curious and asked me

When do you guys play the real game

I was stumped (pun intended) for a bit and asked him

What do you mean the real game

………..and I almost choked on my beer when he said

Well everytime I hear on the radio or see on TV it says “India vs England TEST MATCH”, so if that is a TEST, then when do you play the real game“..

Haa haa haaa.. Thus began my explanation (with drawings and scribblings) of what cricket is, how many formats of crickets there are and how it is played and the rules and so on and so on..

I will never forget that phrase “if that is a test match, when do you play the real game“.. 🙂

But this also made me realise how disconnected we as a people could be when it comes to national sports of other countries..

For example, I had no idea what Rugby was till I came to South Africa and here in South Africa there is no Ice Hockey and some other sports that are massively popular in other countries..

However, I once met a lady from the South African national team of, wait for it, “Underwater Hockey“.. Yes that is a real sport and from the looks of it, it seems awesome.. Check it out..


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