The ubiquitous Candle

Merriam-Webster defines Ubiquitous as “existing or being everywhere at the same time : constantly encountered : widespread “.. If you are wondering why I would use this word in relating to something seemingly mundane like “Candle”, then think again..

Whether it is made of whale fat, beeswax, tallow or paraffin, the candle is a versatile item that is present in almost every household.. White, red, black, yellow, green……………………………….you name the color and there is a candle in that color..

Candles play a big role in our lives, whether young or old……… Here’s how..

  • 1st or 100th birthday party..?? Bring them candles, stick them in the cake, blow them out, eat and be merry..
  • Power Failure..?? Bring out the candles and bring light back into your life..
  • Fancy some romance..?? Why not have a candle light dinner with the person of your choice.. It is known to bring out the softness and subtleness in people..
  • On the way to the dinner and your zipper is stuck..?? Why not try rubbing a candle on the zipper before you try to open it..
  • Want your kids to have some fun..?? Why not make their own candles, mix and match colors, mould it to any shape they want – mushrooms, trees, rhinoceros……………..its endless..
  • Holding a midnight vigil for a noble cause..?? Use your candles as guiding lights..
  • Insects worrying you during this midnight vigil..?? Take some of those old candles and melted wax, heat it, add some citronella oil and make your own citronella candles to keep those pesky insects at bay..
  • Lost a near and dear one..?? Light a candle in their honor and memory..
  • Need to relax..?? How about a long warm bath with those wild vanilla scented candles..
  • Want establish your identity with that newly carved monogram..?? Use that candle to seal the envelope with wax and establish your identity..
  • Feel like recycling..?? Well heat up all that solid wax, melt it, shape it anyway you want, add a new wick and hey presto, here’s your new candle..
  • Need to waterproof paper..?? Light a candle, melt some wax and rub it over the paper..
  • Dents in your wooden furniture..?? Use some of that candle wax to fix it before you paint over it..
  • Your drawers are sticky..?? You know that candle..?? Rub it over the runners of your drawers and open and close a few times and voila, smooth operation again..

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Do you know ANY other material that has so many uses as the ubiquitous Candle..?? Didn’t think so.. 🙂

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