Should I trust my instinct or not..??

Instinct¬†comes in many forms - basic, fatal, guttural (?), natural, primal, animal, motherly, leadership.. Some classify fear, anxiety, guilt, anger, depression are all instincts.. But in my opinion, they are not the same.. These are emotions.. Webster dictionary defines Emotion as A moving of the mind or soul; excitement of the feelings, whether pleasing or painful; disturbance or agitation of mind caused by a specific exciting cause and manifested by some sensible effect on the body. and Instinct as Urged or stimulated from within; naturally moved or impelled; imbued; animated; alive; quick; As you can see, these are quite different definitions.. Let's take for example Fear which is one of the natural emotions in a human being.. If you mention "bogeyman", it instinctively raises fear in a child..¬†But this fear…
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