Urgent Urgent Urgent

I admit that I am guilty of it as well..

I am talking about the over-usage of this adjective “URGENT” which means requiring immediate attention.. Especially in the workplace.. A lot of the emails that we write or receive have this word included in it.. Everything that we say or do has some sort of urgency attached to it..

Is it because we don’t know the actual meaning of the word or where and when to use it, or is it that we think that if we use this word, people will take it more seriously..??

In my case it used to be the latter.. But did it work..?? Not always.. Judging from the responses or lack thereof, I think people consider it something like the boy from Aesop’s fable who cried wolf.. (Don’t know that story..?? Read it here)..

It seems that we don’t stop and smell the proverbial roses as we scurry around in our day to day rat race..

So I am planning to walk down this path (where the roses are) and urgently start smelling the roses.. My posts about theseĀ daily prompts are a first step to achieving this..

Like to hear your urgent thoughts on this..

Smelling the roses

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2 Responses to Urgent Urgent Urgent

  1. Geanina says:

    Very inspirational Hariesh! It made me smile but also think of our today ‘s life. In our professional environment it is not only us, people, creating the urgency but also the technology. Perhaps in our private life we are also influenced by the society in “creating” the urgency of a momentum. Geanina

    • manaadiar says:

      Hey there Geanina.. We created tech to make our lives easy but ended up making ourselves prisoners of tech.. Its upto us to break the shackles and find the balance.. (Note to self : practice it first :)) Maybe I should move to Green Bank, West Viriginia (the town without wi-fi)..

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