The ubiquitous Candle

Merriam-Webster defines Ubiquitous as "existing or being everywhere at the same time : constantly encountered : widespread ".. If you are wondering why I would use this word in relating to something seemingly mundane like "Candle", then think again.. Whether it is made of whale fat, beeswax, tallow or paraffin, the candle is a versatile item that is present in almost every household.. White, red, black, yellow, name the color and there is a candle in that color.. Candles play a big role in our lives, whether young or old......... Here's how.. 1st or 100th birthday party..?? Bring them candles, stick them in the cake, blow them out, eat and be merry.. Power Failure..?? Bring out the candles and bring light back into your life.. Fancy some romance..?? Why…
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