Graceful – the way I see it..

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Graceful - one of the few words that immediately sets your mind racing in search of people to match to it.. This word instantly evokes images of an artistic, smooth, neat, clean and apparently seamless and effortless execution whether it relates to sports or movies.. Not getting the picture..?? Ok, with this word in mind, imagine the performances of A Ronaldinho or a Messi in Soccer A Florence Griffith Joyner in Athletics A Ernie Els or Michelle Wie in Golf A Julia Roberts or Gene Kelly in the Movies A Rudolf Nureyev in the Ballet Now you get the picture.. :) But this word can also apply to inanimate objects like An Aston Martin Vanquish or a Rolls Royce Wraith :) As we say in India, "Ahaaaaa, what a feeling"..…
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