Trust in me

Trust, one of THE most important words in my vocabulary, one of the words that means everything in what I say, what I do and how I live my life..

It is also one of the most important words that humanity places on others.. Some of the cases of trust in others :

  • Students place their trust in their teachers and in the education system
  • The general public places their trust in their social and political leaders and the governments
  • Parents place their trust in their baby sitters to take care of their precious ones
  • Children place their trust in the old age homes where their parents may have to be placed
  • CEOs place their trust in their executives and staff to ensure the day to day work is handled effectively without their involvement everywhere
  • The voters place their trust in their elected representatives to be their voices in the Parliament

Trust in meThe list is endless.. But does it always happen that way..??

In many cases, I can say that it maybe so, but if you look at the above examples,  you can see that this may not be the case..

#Feesmustfall is a reminder to the Government of the trust the public placed in them based on the Freedom Charter promising free education (In my opinion, “Education shall be free, compulsory, universal and equal for all children;”  should include higher education as well)..

Parties in many a country promise many things in their election manifestos trusting which, the public votes the party into power, only to be let down many a times..

The video of a nanny who was trusted to look after a child abusing the child brutally and a caretaker abusing a 94 year old went viral across the internet prompting criminal charges against these abusers..

There are these and many other instances of where trust is abused and the people let down..

While there are many relationships that been rendered irreparable due to the break in trust, there are also cases where the ones that have broken the trust have been paid back and I don’t assume the payback would have been enjoyable..

The results of the local government elections in August 2016 in South Africa was a great example of the trust or the lack thereof displayed by the masses especially in the urban areas towards the ruling party..

In most cases (other than close familial relationships – mother/daughter, father/son etc) trust is not a given, but earned..

This holds good in working environments where

  • management must earn the trust of the staff and vice versa,
  • political leaders must earn the trust of the masses,
  • teachers must earn the trust of the students,
  • doctors must earn the trust of the patients etc etc..

The list is endless and it is everyone’s moral responsibility to ensure that the trust placed in them is not broken..

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  1. Natalie says:

    “Trust is not a given, but earned.”

    Great line!

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